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About Todd
by John Mendelsohn

Paintings always bring us to their very edge and then ask us to enter their virtual reality. Todd Stone paints intensely-seen representations of the world, making us acutely aware of that limbinal state when looking merges with being.
        In a series of landscapes, the artist depicts a fine-grained vision of nature, where the simplest scene is full of endless, stippled complexities. Rather than standing back, observing the scene he paints, he seems surrounded by it. Significantly, the ponds or streams that run through these landscapes often become the focus of our vision, rather than solid land that borders them.
        The power of water to cleanse and renew is suggested in watercolors of an old bathtub that looms like a baptismal font, a coffin or a womb. With the tub empty the pleasure and release it promises are held in abeyance. All is made manifest in images of sea rocks and moving water. With dancing flecks of foam and sunlight, water and land dissolve before our eyes.
        In recent painting of swimming pools, artifice and instinct seem to be in perfect equipoise. Pools, like gardens, are nature made at once human and perfect, and Stone paints them as a kind of Eden. It is an intensely blue paradise, where we are barely aware of a world beyond its margins. It is a world unto itself, comprised of scintillating, psychedelic reflections, and marbleized light caught in its depths. When the human form appears, it is just a pair of feet, no longer standing their ground, but floating toes up, the artist’s immersion now complete.
        Stone gives us shifting visions of our relationship to the visible world. In the process, he asks us the riddle: “How can we both capture and let flow life’s ever changing waters?”

        John Mendelsohn has written art review and articles for Cover Magazine, The Jewish Week, Artnet, and Internet magazine. His essays have appeared in a number of exhibition catalogs. Primarily focusing on contemporary art and photography, he has also written on historical exhibitions.        
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